Sunday, July 29, 2012

{P}inspiration: Dressers

We LOVE finding a good, old, solid wood dresser.  Seriously we can't pass them up.  Cool legs, sturdy  drawers, and a hardwood top...oh to die for.

We know you guys love them, too. But we get a lot of people who say, "I already have a dresser...what would I do with it?"  What can you do with a dresser?  :)  Well, my friends, let me just tell you.

With a little help from Pinterest, here are our top 5 ways to repurpose an old dresser...

1) Sofa table/storage - just take out the top drawers and viola! You now have an awesome sofa tabletop to decorate as well as open storage shelves, perfect for books or baskets to hide the toys!  Plus you still have the bottom drawers to hide blankets, movies, toys, etc.

2) Entryway table.  This is a great use for a smaller dresser, though if you have a large entryway there is no size limit :)  Just a great way to add a pop of color, a little extra storage, and a place to set a vase, mirror, framed picture, etc.

3) TV console.  This is one of my favorite ideas.  You can still have all of the storage and the visual weight of a large cabinet, but with out the bulk.  Paint it or keep it natural, either way is fun!

4) Console table/hutch/whatever you call these things :)  Very simple, place a dresser against any open wall for easy decoration and storage.  Perfect in ANY room!

5) Bathroom storage.  We all need a place for towels/toiletries!  Especially in a guest bath.  Grab a small dresser and fill it up! :)  How adorable is that?

And just to prove that some Pinterest ideas do actually come to life and they aren't all for people with perfect houses and perfect kids who sleep all day and let them craft... :)  here is a picture from my (kendahl's) living room with a dresser used as a TV console.  Heck we don't even have hardware on it yet and I still love it...

So, does this help?  Can you think of the perfect place for an old dresser in your home?  Well if so, we can help you out!  We just got this dresser in yesterday and are so excited for someone to make it their own!

{$200 - 45"w x 22"d x 33" t}

 If you have been inspired and would like to bring this dresser home (and get a 10% discount!), just message us on our Facebook page or email us at and say you saw the dresser on our blog!  But we only have one right now, so first come first served!

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