Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In case you were wondering...We're still alive :)

Sorry for the hiatus, you all know how summer gets away from you (or at least pretend you know).

Anyway, here's a small update on a few of many projects we've been working on:

1) We finished our (green) desk.  That's right, sorry, we painted over the white.  It just didn't have enough pizazz.  Now it's uber-pizzazed.  Check 'er out:

{Distressed Green Desk}
Description: This desk, painted a beautiful, earthy green, would be a great workspace in an office, craft room, or even just to add a pop of color in any room of the house.  3 drawers on each side and a pencil drawer in the middle.  The original antique brass hardware is a great contrast to the bold green color.  Sealed and ready to go!
| Price: $125 |

2) Metallic full sized dresser.  

This piece was so much fun to work on!  Kris talked me into painting it black, and it was a great decision.  We had seen a lot of black & gold furniture and she couldn't resist trying it out.  We didn't go the gold route :) but rather finished it with a coat of a silver metallic. 

{Metallic 4 drawer black dresser}
Description: This is a funky piece.  A mix of antique style shape and legs with a modern finish.  We know someone out there has the perfect room to put it in!  Painted black and finished with a metallic sheen.  Though we forgot the hardware in the pic, it does come with antique brass handles.  The drawers work well and are great for a lot of storage.  
| Price: $135 |

3)  Clayville Festival.  

It's only July, but we are starting to prepare.  Put in on your calendars now :) September 17th and 18th we will have a booth at the Clayville Fall Festival.  We are planning to have a lot of new pieces available as well as more of our handmade jewelry and hair clips.  This means more late nights of sanding, painting, and preparing.  

That's all for now, folks!  Check back soon, I promise to update more often than not! :)

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